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Get To Know The Health Benefits of Juicing

Get To Know The Health Benefits of Juicing

Health Benefits of Juicing

In the past few years, juicing has become a new health fad in our culture that has promised fantastic results in weight loss and your overall well-being. All over the news and in the media, we’ve heard juicing fruits and veggies has plenty of health benefits, but which claims are true and which are false? Today, we’re going to give you the facts about the pros and cons of juicing.

Research into juicing has proved that juicing fruits and vegetables are a great way to add extra vitamins and nutrients into your diet, as well as introducing new items you would not regularly eat. This idea is great to consider if you or your children are picky eaters. Another benefit of juicing is that fresh juice from a juicer is packed with tons of enzymes that act as catalysts that create chemical reactions in your body. These chemical reactions handle the metabolic activity that goes on in your body. Although these facts show that juicing is a great addition to your diet, it is by no means the “end all be all” if you are trying to lose weight.

First, juicing takes out the fiber in the fruits and vegetables and not getting your daily amount of fiber won’t help in aiding your digestive system. Also, doing juice cleanses and only using it for weight loss without adding protein or fiber to your diet can defeat the purpose. If you aren’t getting enough fiber and protein in your system, it can cause serious consequences to your body.

A fun and creative way to introduce fruits and veggies that may cause hesitation when presented on a plate is by playing around with combinations of different juices (carrot and beet juice, anyone?) as a fun experiment to try and taste other options of getting your recommended daily value of five servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables a day. To receive the full benefits of fresh juice from a juicer, make as much juice as you can consume and if there is some left over, seal in a tight air-proof container and refrigerate it for up to two days. Leaving out your juice can cause it to lose its nutritional value as well as become a breeding ground for bacteria.

At GSI, we recommend juicing occasionally to add a wider variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet. We often get caught up with eating the same vegetables as sides at dinner, and snacking on the same fruits in between meals. Mixing it up and adding new fruits and vegetables to your diet can give you additional vitamins and nutrients you need, as well as finding new recipes to incorporate into your diet.