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Chili Recipes That Are Easy on the Gut

Chili Recipes That Are Easy on the Gut

Researchers in protective suit inspecting a extremely hot chili pepperTomorrow is National Chili Day! Hurray for those who can’t get enough chili but for those with digestive disorders like IBS or colitis, chili can be a big problem. This is because on top of the spice, chili has fat, sugars, and fibers (like beans) that ferment in the intestines, and cause stomach pain.

You don’t have to miss out entirely on the deliciousness of chili with a few tweaks to your favorite recipes. Here are some suggestions.

Use Lean Meats

Instead of full fat ground beef, try lean ground beef, lean steak, ground turkey or chicken breast.

About Those Beans

Instead of using beans, add veggies like carrots, celery, or green peppers. You could also try soaking and sprouting dried beans rather than using canned (which are harder to digest). The sprouting method makes them easier for your stomach to digest. 

Limit the Spices

Spices can be painful for people who suffer from digestive disorders. Foods like chili that incorporate multiple spices can be danger zone. Instead of pouring that packet of taco seasoning into your chili, try mixing your own blend. The spices that really give chili its flavor are chili powder and cumin so stick to lose in limited amounts. Add in herbs like oregano and basil and don’t forget the salt! Many people use cocoa in their chili – which will help give you a richer taste without overdoing the other spices.

Chili is a tough meal to prepare if you’ve got a sensitive stomach. Know your limitations and your biggest food triggers and adjust your recipe from there.

Here are a couple of chili recipes to try out:

Tummy-Friendly Turkey Chili

Peanut Butter Vegetarian Chili


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