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Surviving the Holidays with Digestive Disorders

Surviving the Holidays with Digestive Disorders

Chocolates, pies, and comfort foods galore… This is what the holiday season is all about! While most of the population enjoys the decadence of holiday foods and the many cookies and treats that appear throughout December, those with digestive disorders struggle to get through it.

Whether it’s Crohn’s, Gastroparesis, IBS, Acid Reflux, GERD, or Celiac Disease… you’ve got a specific diet you need to follow and chances are most of the holiday foods you encounter are not on it.

So how do you deal?

Here are some tips.

Keep Snacks on Hand

Maybe you’re faced with an endless amount of cookies and treats at the office everyday. Maybe you have a holiday party to go to and you’re not sure if there will be foods you can eat. Either way, if you suffer from a digestive disorder and have a strict diet you should always have snacks on hand. This will help you resist temptation. It also means you will always have something you can eat when you’re stuck in a “there’s nothing here I can eat” situation.

Host the Meal at Your House

Holiday meals can be tough – especially if they are with people who may be unaware of your digestive situation. The best way to get through a huge, decadent holiday meal without starving or wrecking your gut is to host the gathering. This way you have control over what goes in the dishes.

Bring your own dish

Headed to a party? Offer to make a dish or two to ensure there’s at least something there you can eat.

If you know the host well, you could also offer to help cook the meal and explain your dietary restrictions.

Find Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Dishes

The Internet is an amazing place. There are so many people who are in the same situation as you – and are blogging about it! Do a search for healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes so that you can still enjoy those delicious holiday treats without ruining your gut.

Don’t Overeat

If you’re going to dip your toe in the water, don’t dive in! There may be some foods that your gut can tolerate, but don’t push it… and keep pushing it. This could end in disaster and ultimately sickness.

Eat Before You Go

If you’ve already eaten, you don’t have to worry about going hungry and you’re less tempted to graze.

Do you suffer from a digestive disorder or have a restrictive diet? How do you manage the holiday season? Leave a comment.


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